Xposed Installer APK - Framework Xposed

Xposed Installer APK – Framework Xposed for Android Device


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Xposed Installer APK – Framework Xposed for Android Device

Xposed Installer is an application that will allow us to make small adjustments in the operating system of our Android mobile device. Changes small enough for everything to continue to work perfectly after a restart of the cell, but important enough to give us the possibility to maximize our terminal, works with any device Android. Get Here:

It is very important to note that when you install the Xposed Framework it can cause problems. It is rare, but if we are not careful with the application you may stop running our Android terminal and touch to format it. For this reason it is very advisable to follow the instructions that appear on the screen, which are usually very simple.

Once we have installed the framework of Xposed in our and have rebooted the terminal, we just have to start to take a look at the various modules available. From the interface of the application we can see the name and description of more than a hundred. Some, purely aesthetic, will allow us to change the color of the keyboard; While others give us the ability to revoke application permissions that we already have installed.

Xposed Installer is a very interesting tool for Android users who want to have more control over their terminal. And in a way, Xposed provides some of the advantages of installing a custom ROM… Without all its cumbersome disadvantages.