Tools to change, repair, modify the IMEI of your Android mobile phone


Many of us have been presented blocking problem in the IMEI of our mobile phone, for this reason many we ask these questions: How to change the IMEI number?, is it safe to change the IMEI number? How do I fix my cell phone? In our page you can find tools to change repair or generate new IMEI for your Samsung Galaxy or Motorola Lenovo device, you can download Galaxy tools for IMEI change as: Tools Galaxy IMEI change, and Motorola IMEI changing software As: Moto Droid tool, these tools are software that are installed on your computer to be able to repair your own Android mobile device.



How to change the IMEI number?


There are several methods to change the IMEI of your mobile phone Android or iphone, but in this case we only consentraremos on Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and Motorola, some of the way to change or repair the IMEI is through programs that Installed and connected to our computer are made a series of steps and so the IMEI of your device will be completely repaired, but as there are many people who do not know much about technology so you put a manual, thinking about them create an easier way to Change the IMEI of your device or repair it online completely free, this dedicated VPS server is completely easy to use and can perform the process in just 10 minutes without need of this work.


Is it safe to change the IMEI number? 


Change the IMEI of your Android device is safe because the mechanism we use is without root of the phone and without connecting to the toolbox, is a sophisticated tool that finds the IMEI using the Samsung software and/or Motorola modifies the changes and your Device is completely released. Either by changing the IMEI online or using the programs mentioned here.